Luanne (Friends Together)

Luanne (Friends Together)

Our organisation was in need of an updated website to help promote our services, and for people to discover the support we offer. So we worked with Weston College T Level learners through SPACEBAR – and we were thoroughly impressed!

I first heard about SPACEBAR from my Support Worker, Emily, from Team North Somerset. It sounded like a great project, and then Paul from VANS also mentioned the initiative to me on a phone call, and introduced me to Steve (from SPACEBAR).

From the get-go the learners were so enthusiastic about the project, and they were able to deliver a website that surpassed all of our expectations, with features I didn’t think would be possible to add. Despite only being 6 months into their course, they took my vision on board and made it a reality.

The learners were led by Brandon, who has been ever so helpful! They took comments on board and made changes quickly, which was really appreciated.

One of the things that I was particularly pleased about, was that he created a short video which gave instructions on how to update the website – this has been a truly amazing help.

The student’s work has and will continue to make people aware of what F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together is all about and how we can support each other, while building up a strong network of friends and support, to help us to live. Their work will also make people more aware of what invisible illnesses are and how they can support their loved ones, friends, neighbours, work colleagues.

The learners are so friendly, and we built up a really good working relationship. It was a pleasure to work with them.

If you’re reading this and think your website could do with an uplift, then I would definitely recommend Space Bar! You can see their hard work for yourself, on this link.

I’m sure you will agree, they have done an amazing job.

Luanne, F.r.I.e.n.D.S Together