What can Spacebar do?

  • Build websites
  • Help develop online presence
  • Social Media
  • Help with any other digital requirements

Who can Spacebar help?

  • Local (North Somerset) Small independent businesses who need support with their online presence, whether that be a new website, a new feature or a redesign.
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Charities
  • Community Groups
  • Whether that be a new website, a new feature or a redesign, for free.

Why choose us?

Spacebar is a student led web development facility that has teamed up with Weston BID/Town Centre Partnership to provide a FREE website creation function in the heart of Weston town Centre. Students from Weston College are able to learn and gain valuable work experience needed for their courses, whilst creating bespoke websites for clients. They are fantastically supported by their lecturers and mentors from market leading industry experts.